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Collaborative career guidance, counseling, and networking opportunities with industry professionals.

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Features of this Space include: * Discussion forums where mentors share career advice articles, resume/interview tips, and facilitate Q&As. * Collaborative boards for brainstorming sessions to map career goals and build action plans. * Private chat rooms for confidential 1-on-1 career counseling and mock interview practice. * A jobs board for sharing job/internship opportunities relevant to participants. * Virtual networking spaces for mentees to connect with professional mentors in their field of interest. * Mentor profiles highlighting qualifications, specialties, and interests to help participants find the right match. * Peer support groups facilitated by mentors to share experiences and advice. Disclaimer:\ \ Please note that the Career Compass space is currently under development. Participants will be notified once the service is launched. For volunteers visiting this space, kindly leave your contact information with us [@Mira Kudrevatyh](https://social.cnmcyber.com/index.php?r=user%2Fprofile&cguid=58a7d15b-7a30-496a-a05c-ce86a04784dd), and you will be contacted once the service is officially launched. Thank you for your patience and interest in our upcoming offerings.


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